The Channie Series

The Gathering: Prequel to Enchantment
Meet Channie and Hunter back home in the Ozarks while they prepare for an annual gathering of the clan. Her crush turns into heartache but protects her from making a mistake that could change her destiny. Buy now at Amazon.

Book 1: Enchantment
With the sudden move to Colorado and a cruel name change to Chastity, Channie is in for a culture shock. She has to learn how to control her negative energy while dealing with lusty high school boys. Meeting Josh was the only bright spot in her life. The sweet BMX racer changed everything for Channie. Breaking the curse that kept her physically away from Josh became her new obsession, but created new problems for the couple. Buy now at Amazon, Audible

Book 2: Taken
Their relationship has evolved but the threats are still real. They have a deadline to unlock the secrets of the Book of the Dead. Lives will be lost but they have to keep fighting for their future. Buy now at Amazon,

Love Hurts: A short story about Hunter and Kassie's Valentine's Day
Their night in a hotel room wasn't what either of them expected. Filled with passion and pain. Meant for mature readers. Buy now at Amazon.

Book 3: Finding Valor
Josh awakes with no recollection of the previous six months of his life, including his relationship with Channie. Not only is it hard for him to believe that he's married and his wife was kidnapped, but accepting that he is a mage and prophecies of the Book of the Dead are almost impossible. Will he be able to save Channie from her mother's dark magic before she is sacrificed? And more importantly, will he live up to his power-name and find Valor in time to save all the clans? Buy now at Amazon.

Not suitable for young teens.


  1. I loved this series great writting awesome reads!!

  2. Thanks Megan! I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

  3. I started this series with Enchantment and absolutely fell in love.

  4. omg this book has truely touched my heart.....elements of this book are so like me and the elements thats channie has are .....well ....words cannot describe i just wish that i had the money to buy all the books and over christmas i could sit in my pj's and a cuppa hot chocolate and i would sit there for hours reading the whole set this is the one book that i will return to again and again its simply the best book i have ever read in 23 years i have never been able to find a book like his that keeps me going with my imagination Charlotte you are such a wonderful and exquisite writer. i only hope that crimbo is going to be amazingly filled with the channie series filling my head of fantasy and love .

    kind regards

    l williams