The Sanctuary Series

Book 1: River's Recruit
River has been raised to fear outsiders. Her secluded, cult-like community is well hidden from the world so when Jonathan stumbles into their territory, she has few options. She can leave him to die in the blizzard or bring him into her home. The only way he'll be allowed to live is to become one of them. Get it free at Amazon, Barnes & Noble or iTunes.

Book 2: River's Remorse
River wakes up to the terrible realization that Jonathan is gone. She can't shift and has no will to live. It isn't until a shocking truth is revealed that she is able to consider life without him. Buy it now at AmazonBarnes & Noble or iTunes.

Book 3: River's Revenge
Jonathan and River are reunited but must hide the true nature of their relationship until all the carefully woven lies supporting the revolution start to unravel. Nothing but the truth can save them. Not only must they convince the citizens of New Eden that the prophecy is real, they must also prove Jonathan is the true son of Ephraim or face certain execution. Buy it now at AmazonBarnes & Noble or iTunes.

Book 4: Gabriel's Gift
Gabriel has waited years to find his soul mate. When he finally does, he is certain all his dreams have been answered. Until she refuses to commit to him. Lilith wants to remain free, without the bond of a joined spirit. 

They agree to stay to together but they're both miserable...and heartbroken. Until Lazarus appears with an ultimatum that could get them all killed. Get it at AmazonBarnes & Noble or iTunes.

Book 5: Rose's Rebel

Rose doesn't want the blessing of a mutual merge or a soul mate. All she wants is Noah. Unfortunately for her, fate has other plans.
Well, screw fate. 
Rose has been betrayed by wolves before. She's not about to let it happen again. She denies the call of her wolf, even though it causes excruciating pain, and refuses to merge with the beast. No animal is going to choose her mate. Being with Noah is worth the risk of defying destiny, even if it kills her.